At SAVA we create brands that cater to the premium hospitality sector. At SAVA we create memorable experiences. We create distinction. We create perfection. We create satisfaction. Our brand portfolio includes Tchaba, which offers select full leaf tea in Artesian handcrafted bio-degradable sachets. Aura is the brand of choice for a selection of signature tea ware from around the globe. Sava, Tchaba, Tea Boutique and lounge, Tea ceremony, Full Leaf Tea, Premium Tea, Bio-degradable Sachet, Tea ware, F&B Hotel Suppliers, Tea

Welcome to SAVA

Welcome to SAVA, home of the finest things in life, where you’ll embrace a lifestyle of luxury and pleasures. At SAVA, no detail is too small… no desire is too unattainable… no dream is too unreachable. We bring you things that give you pleasure. At SAVA it’s all about you.

What we do?

We create… Brands. We create… Memorable Experiences. We create… Distinction. We create… Perfection. We create… Satisfaction. At SAVA, we Create.

Our Partners

At SAVA, we pride ourselves in being associated with the most luxurious and world-renowned hospitality brands that are recognized for their unmatched quest for perfection in all its meanings. Our exquisite products are served and used only by the most lavish and plush hospitality brands and partners. Our networks of best in class partners in each region, partners who are qualified and passionate about their work, partners who share the same philosophy of SAVA, ensure that the high expectations of all clients are always fulfilled.


Our search goes beyond the visual element. We believe in evolution and offer our partners something more than just “another� product. We are tastemakers. We are trendometers. With SAVA you will always have the latest and the hottest choices in the market. You’ll never miss out on the new and the sensational.


SAVA products are tailor-made to suit the lifestyle of the crème de la crème. Our products are not mass consumer goods; on the contrary, they are induced to appeal to the most refined of tastes. Enjoy the mind-altering sensation and pamper yourself with our spectacular array of choice.


As our treetop grows, so do the roots of our beliefs in offering our clients the quintessential of opulence and sophistication. SAVA optimizes its resources and works hand in hand with all its partners across the world to deliver the very greatest of services. SAVA is affiliated with partners who are best in class in their respective territories. SAVA depends on them to deliver the best on-ground support.


Cherish the indulgence of Tchaba Tchaba is a timeless treasure for seducing the soul… Tchaba is tranquility, an indulgence of small pleasures that cannot be defined: a scent, a taste, another taste, and one more. Tchaba is timeless… a quintessence of a quality lifestyle. Its rich blends of delectable flavors are nestled in exclusively handcrafted, bio-degradable silky pouches to torture the finest connoisseur with insurmountable pleasure… Tchaba is an elegant and exotic balance of whole tealeaves, herbs, and fruit that brings out a symphony of fragrant sensations. One sip is sensuous; one cup is divinely decadent.

Sip Culture

Beyond the love of tea is a sense of togetherness. Here at Tchaba, we seek to enrich people's lives through the experience of fine tea and the Sip by Sip life - a life of health, balance and well-being. Tchaba will connect the discerning among you with the joys of flavors and blends through a conscientious selection that will add the right touch of refinement, inspiration, and style. Tchaba nourishes body and soul. From the beginning, tea has been a drink that is shared with others. Around the world, at high tea in Devonshire and age-old ceremonies in Japan, tea is brewed and taken together with friends and family in rituals of hospitality.


The world's first biodegradable handcrafted tea pouch. A sphere of excellence, purity and uniqueness all held together to create a simple, natural and luxurious experience of Tchaba… a story that begins and ends with magic… a story of healthful and rewarding ingredients, from herbs to unique bio-degradable corn leaf sachets, artisan-crafted and hand-stitched with natural cotton strings. Tchaba tea is distinguished for its exquisite taste, simply because it preserves the natural rich chemicals and essential oils of handpicked whole tealeaves, and its sachets that give enough space to tealeaves to swirl, expand and unfurl. Tchaba awards the discerning few with a journey to explore a pleasant scene, a marvelous taste, and a seducing aroma.

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